It all started in...

1956, Chicago. My father, born to recent immigrants from Mexico, grew up one of 9 children. He spent most of his younger years watching his father build cabinets and furniture for friends and family on nights and weekends. As he got older he eventually started to build as well, mostly out of necessity, he and my mom purchased an apartment building that had been abandoned for 25 years.

My own beginnings into the craft started the same way. Watching my dad and "abuelito" spend time in the shop, building things they needed to make, not just passing the time as a hobby. But my interest changed once I began to immerse myself fully into the "art" of woodworking. For me it became more about how to make things functional and beautiful. I began to learn about the history, and tradition of woodworking, learning more about the masters of the craft, finding inspiration in the historical work of the Shakers, and the Arts and Crafts movement. I learned about how wood reacts when it is manipulated, about how certain species of wood can really define the way a piece of furniture looks. This and more has lead to a reverence for the process, not just the finished product, of building furniture. I hope one day my passion can be on display in your home, and passed down to future generations, like woodworking has been passed down to me.